24/7 Water Damage Charlotte

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte

Our Flood Damage Cleanup Progress


Many longtime players here at Golf Sleepy Hollow have expressed their concern over our flood damage cleanup progress. We appreciate everyone’s inquiries and are pleased to report that we have consulted with one of the best flood damage cleanup companies in the country, 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, and are working diligently to return our course and club to a like-new condition.


The Flooding Cleanup Process


Before any restoration began, the flood damage cleanup contractors at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte inspected our grounds and buildings thoroughly. We were surprised to see them take readings of the level of humidity in the space, but we would learn how important this was to monitor, to note the risk of future mold growth!


The water damage cleanup contractors at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte also inspected the areas behind walls and underneath floorboards, ensuring all floodwaters were removed properly. We were surprised to learn how easily wood framework and drywall absorb water, leading to softening of these materials and the potential for future mold.


Heavy-duty driers and dehumidifiers were brought in, as were fans, all to help remove as much standing water as possible and dry out our property’s building materials. Not content to rely on a visual inspection, the flooding cleanup professionals at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte continued to monitor the humidity of the space, not removing their drying equipment until they were sure our building materials were as dry as needed.


Water Damage Restoration Begins!


As we soon learned in working with the pros at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, flood repairs are more involved than simply drying out materials and shampooing carpets! Softened wall studs needed replacement, as they had already chipped and cracked and allowed our country club to settle and shift. Water damaged drywall also needed cutting out and replacing, as painting over those damaged areas is not sufficient for avoiding future mold growth.


Fortunately our beautiful carpets were salvageable but they needed more than just a general cleaning. Floodwaters often bring lots of germs and bacteria with them and without proper cleaning, carpets might tend to develop mold and mildew along their backing and underlying padding.


The team at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte also provided lots of cleaning for walls and other salvageable surfaces, ensuring they were hygienic and safe for occupants. An odor neutralizing service also took away unpleasant musty smells and the smell of disinfectants and other cleaning agents!


Mold Remediation Services After Cleanup


We were surprised to learn about mold remediation services from 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte and why they were so necessary. Mold remediation refers to monitoring a structure for the risk of mold growth and for mold as it develops. As it only takes a few days for mold to grow and develop after flooding, it’s no wonder this service is so important!


Mold remediation is important for any structure as mold holds moisture against wood framing and drywall, leading to increased risk of damage. Mold is also very unhealthy and downright dangerous!


To ensure our country club and grounds are safe and ready for reoccupation, we are working with 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte to monitor our structures carefully and are grateful for their continued renovation and rebuilding work. They are as concerned as we are with the need to reopen our course and club, and are sure that, with their hard work and professionalism, our doors and tees will be ready to host you and your guests next season!