DC Piano Tuning

Expert Piano Restoration Brought Our Gorgeous Grand Back to Life!


After suffering through a severe flood that affected our course and our country club, we were devastated to see that floodwaters had also collected around our gorgeous grand piano in our club’s main dining hall! This stunning Steinway had been in our owner’s family for many decades and was a tremendous part of our club’s history and tradition of excellence.


Fortunately we were able to work with one of the country’s leading piano restoration companies, DC Piano Tuning, to restore our gorgeous grand piano back to life. The piano tuning experts at DC Piano Tuning even shared with us some tips on how to keep our beautiful instrument in tiptop shape throughout the year!


Piano Restoration and Repairs Versus Tuning


Our event coordinator got a quick crash course in piano restoration, repairs, and tuning, and which was needed for our beautiful Steinway. Piano tuning, as it was explained by the pros at DC Piano Tuning, only adjusts the piano wires as they lose tension over time and due to playing.


Piano repairs, as the name implies, includes fixes of other moving parts under the piano lid as well as its dampers, keys, and body. These repairs are often needed if a piano has been jostled or otherwise treated roughly, as those moving parts are easy to scratch, nick, or damage.


Our gorgeous grand needed more extensive repairs than just fixing a few moving parts under the lid. The wood body of the piano and its internal wood parts were softened and warped due to the flooding suffered by our property, and the felt covering the hammers was also loosened and flattened.


While we first assumed our piano was beyond repairs and would need replacing, the experts at DC Piano Tuning took great care to actually disassemble many of its parts so they could perform precise restoration. Some internal parts were replaced while others adjusted so that they were returned to a like-new condition.


Once all the internal working parts were repaired or replaced, DC Piano Tuning gave the outside body a complete refinish. The wood was so stunning that it seemed as if the piano had never suffered any damage, and we had our beautiful and precious Steinway back to its original condition!


Keeping Our Piano Looking and Sounding Its Best


Our event coordinator and staff appreciated that the pros at DC Piano Tuning also gave us some added tips on keeping our Steinway sounding its best. Regular piano tuning is just the start of ensuring our instrument is always in good condition; as even a slight jostling can affect the piano’s inner parts, we decided to relocate it a few feet from its original position in our country club, to give it some distance from guests.


Moving a piano can also put it out of tune and cause damage to its inner parts, so we asked the professionals at DC Piano Tuning for their assistance. They took great care in securing the piano’s inner parts before carefully putting it into its new position.


DC Piano Tuning also recommended better humidity control in our facility, to keep the wood parts of the piano from absorbing moisture and then expanding and contracting. A new piano environmental control system was ordered and is ready for use once our facility reopens!


Golf Sleepy Hollow is grateful to the piano restoration experts at DC Piano Tuning for their work and expertise, and their advice on keeping our piano sounding its best. We hope that our guests once again enjoy beautiful background music while dining in our country club once we reopen and that our Steinway will remain part of our club for many more decades to come!

New Jersey Plastering

Our Beautiful Plaster Restoration Work


Our gorgeous country club here at Golf Sleepy Hollow boasted some of the most stunning plaster installations in the state. Ceiling medallions and crown moldings offered a stellar backdrop for guest photos while creating an authentic, old-world look and feel not easy to replicate with modern building materials.


Because of these breathtaking details, the owners and staff here at Golf Sleepy Hollow were devastated to note cracks along the club’s ceilings and walls, the result of the structure settling and shifting along the wet soil left behind after floodwaters receded. Not wanting to replace such gorgeous detailing with drab sheetrock, we consulted with a plaster repair expert at New Jersey Plastering about the potential for restoring the plaster to its original condition.


Why We Chose to Keep Our Plaster


Considering the damage to our club’s interior and the extent of work needed to restore its plaster ceilings and walls to their original condition, some might wonder why we kept that plaster rather than replace it with drywall. After consulting with the experts at New Jersey Plastering, we realized plaster offers many advantages over sheetrock, including improved sound insulation, a vital consideration for the comfort of all our country club guests!


Plaster is also more mold resistant as the material offers no materials on which mold might feed and spread. This is especially helpful here in West Virginia, where summers are often especially humid!


Plaster also offers an old-world charm not easily duplicated by drywall! It’s important to our owners and staff that every guest here at Golf Sleepy Hollow appreciate all the details of their surroundings as well as our fine services, so we decided to keep our club’s plaster in place and invest in its original look and feel rather than tear it out in favor of cheaper drywall.


The Plaster Repair Process


Plaster ceiling crack repair is not as simple as some might think, which is why we at Golf Sleepy Hollow are grateful we found a company like New Jersey Plastering, with the experience and expertise needed for the extent of our club’s needed repairs! Plaster is not a solid material cut and installed like drywall or brick but is applied when damp, similar to concrete. Layers of plaster dry and adhere and then become solid.


Plaster is also applied over a wood back called a lath. Wood strips comprise this lath, giving plaster a solid surface on which it adheres. One reason to rely on professional plaster repair contractors is that the lath often needs repairs along with the plaster itself!


Our expert plaster repair contractors from New Jersey Plastering examined that wood lath and noted cracks and other damage caused by the building settling and shifting on soft soil after floodwaters receded. Damaged areas of the ceiling were removed, the lath was repaired, and the plaster rebuilt for a fresh, secure new ceiling!


Once new plaster was installed, our plaster repair contractors went to work replicating the intricate plaster medallions of which we’re so proud! Making precise molds allowed them to recreate those details and restore those stunning moldings, for a fresh new look that we know our guests will love.


Plaster Wall Repairs


Plaster wall repairs also involved a check of the wood lath behind damaged plaster. Once repaired, our plaster contractors from New Jersey Plastering made molds of the gorgeous crown moldings around the walls, to replace damaged sections with new plaster.


Plaster repair was only part of the process, as we soon learned. Those experts from New Jersey Plastering chose a new paint that offered an antique, old-world look we wanted to preserve for our country club. Using specialty processes, they created an authentic swirl finish for added texture and depth.


Here at Golf Sleepy Hollow, we’re proud of our course and club and of our friendly staff, working hard to accommodate your needs and ensure you enjoy your special event. We’re just as proud and appreciative of our plaster repair contractors from New Jersey Plastering, offering their skills and expertise to restore our country club to its original condition. It’s our hope that all our repairs are finished with the same precision so we can reopen soon and show off our stunning plaster surfaces once again!

24/7 Water Damage Charlotte

Our Flood Damage Cleanup Progress


Many longtime players here at Golf Sleepy Hollow have expressed their concern over our flood damage cleanup progress. We appreciate everyone’s inquiries and are pleased to report that we have consulted with one of the best flood damage cleanup companies in the country, 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, and are working diligently to return our course and club to a like-new condition.


The Flooding Cleanup Process


Before any restoration began, the flood damage cleanup contractors at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte inspected our grounds and buildings thoroughly. We were surprised to see them take readings of the level of humidity in the space, but we would learn how important this was to monitor, to note the risk of future mold growth!


The water damage cleanup contractors at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte also inspected the areas behind walls and underneath floorboards, ensuring all floodwaters were removed properly. We were surprised to learn how easily wood framework and drywall absorb water, leading to softening of these materials and the potential for future mold.


Heavy-duty driers and dehumidifiers were brought in, as were fans, all to help remove as much standing water as possible and dry out our property’s building materials. Not content to rely on a visual inspection, the flooding cleanup professionals at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte continued to monitor the humidity of the space, not removing their drying equipment until they were sure our building materials were as dry as needed.


Water Damage Restoration Begins!


As we soon learned in working with the pros at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte, flood repairs are more involved than simply drying out materials and shampooing carpets! Softened wall studs needed replacement, as they had already chipped and cracked and allowed our country club to settle and shift. Water damaged drywall also needed cutting out and replacing, as painting over those damaged areas is not sufficient for avoiding future mold growth.


Fortunately our beautiful carpets were salvageable but they needed more than just a general cleaning. Floodwaters often bring lots of germs and bacteria with them and without proper cleaning, carpets might tend to develop mold and mildew along their backing and underlying padding.


The team at 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte also provided lots of cleaning for walls and other salvageable surfaces, ensuring they were hygienic and safe for occupants. An odor neutralizing service also took away unpleasant musty smells and the smell of disinfectants and other cleaning agents!


Mold Remediation Services After Cleanup


We were surprised to learn about mold remediation services from 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte and why they were so necessary. Mold remediation refers to monitoring a structure for the risk of mold growth and for mold as it develops. As it only takes a few days for mold to grow and develop after flooding, it’s no wonder this service is so important!


Mold remediation is important for any structure as mold holds moisture against wood framing and drywall, leading to increased risk of damage. Mold is also very unhealthy and downright dangerous!


To ensure our country club and grounds are safe and ready for reoccupation, we are working with 24/7 Water Damage Charlotte to monitor our structures carefully and are grateful for their continued renovation and rebuilding work. They are as concerned as we are with the need to reopen our course and club, and are sure that, with their hard work and professionalism, our doors and tees will be ready to host you and your guests next season!