DC Piano Tuning

DC Piano Tuning

Expert Piano Restoration Brought Our Gorgeous Grand Back to Life!


After suffering through a severe flood that affected our course and our country club, we were devastated to see that floodwaters had also collected around our gorgeous grand piano in our club’s main dining hall! This stunning Steinway had been in our owner’s family for many decades and was a tremendous part of our club’s history and tradition of excellence.


Fortunately we were able to work with one of the country’s leading piano restoration companies, DC Piano Tuning, to restore our gorgeous grand piano back to life. The piano tuning experts at DC Piano Tuning even shared with us some tips on how to keep our beautiful instrument in tiptop shape throughout the year!


Piano Restoration and Repairs Versus Tuning


Our event coordinator got a quick crash course in piano restoration, repairs, and tuning, and which was needed for our beautiful Steinway. Piano tuning, as it was explained by the pros at DC Piano Tuning, only adjusts the piano wires as they lose tension over time and due to playing.


Piano repairs, as the name implies, includes fixes of other moving parts under the piano lid as well as its dampers, keys, and body. These repairs are often needed if a piano has been jostled or otherwise treated roughly, as those moving parts are easy to scratch, nick, or damage.


Our gorgeous grand needed more extensive repairs than just fixing a few moving parts under the lid. The wood body of the piano and its internal wood parts were softened and warped due to the flooding suffered by our property, and the felt covering the hammers was also loosened and flattened.


While we first assumed our piano was beyond repairs and would need replacing, the experts at DC Piano Tuning took great care to actually disassemble many of its parts so they could perform precise restoration. Some internal parts were replaced while others adjusted so that they were returned to a like-new condition.


Once all the internal working parts were repaired or replaced, DC Piano Tuning gave the outside body a complete refinish. The wood was so stunning that it seemed as if the piano had never suffered any damage, and we had our beautiful and precious Steinway back to its original condition!


Keeping Our Piano Looking and Sounding Its Best


Our event coordinator and staff appreciated that the pros at DC Piano Tuning also gave us some added tips on keeping our Steinway sounding its best. Regular piano tuning is just the start of ensuring our instrument is always in good condition; as even a slight jostling can affect the piano’s inner parts, we decided to relocate it a few feet from its original position in our country club, to give it some distance from guests.


Moving a piano can also put it out of tune and cause damage to its inner parts, so we asked the professionals at DC Piano Tuning for their assistance. They took great care in securing the piano’s inner parts before carefully putting it into its new position.


DC Piano Tuning also recommended better humidity control in our facility, to keep the wood parts of the piano from absorbing moisture and then expanding and contracting. A new piano environmental control system was ordered and is ready for use once our facility reopens!


Golf Sleepy Hollow is grateful to the piano restoration experts at DC Piano Tuning for their work and expertise, and their advice on keeping our piano sounding its best. We hope that our guests once again enjoy beautiful background music while dining in our country club once we reopen and that our Steinway will remain part of our club for many more decades to come!